Why I Tech Education

Why choose I Tech Education?


“Innovation, Professionalism, Excellence, Quality & Access”




I TECH EDUCATION started the Computer Education and Training institution in India in 2008. Our CEO Chief Executive Officer, having understood the demand at the time for qualified people in the area of computing, introduced the Beginners Diploma in Computer Application. Since then, with very close relationship with industry, I TECH EDUCATION has been introducing innovative courses to match the needs of the industry from time to time. New operating systems, computer languages and courses with modular structures were introduced giving the learner the best of options




In order to inculcate professionalism to our undergraduates we have introduced industry oriented course modules free of charge and expose them to real working environments of software development, hardware assembling and website development as a part of industrial training. Soft skills development division helps our undergraduates to improve the necessary soft skills the employers seek from their employed graduates so that they become effective practical professionals.




Our qualified and experienced core team panel ensures excellence in whatever they do Faculty delivery, tutorial sessions, assignment design, guidance and assessment. These fact are evidenced by the excellent results our students gain year after year.




We have always been maintaining quality of our study programmers from course designing to course materials to course delivery and assessment of the learners. I TECH EDUCATION is ISO 9001:2008 certified Organization for offering courses from universities. This compels us to maintain the international standards in all our courses. Even our Diploma programmers are run at national level maintaining the same standard at all our Branches.